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   Since 1970, R. D. Cecil and Company has operated through these divisions:

  General Management Resources Division (Strategic Management & Leadership System™)


     ●  Management/Leadership Education and Training Materials

     ●  Management Toolbox

          ●  Organization Development Materials and Tools

          ●  Marketing and Strategic Planning Materials and Tools

          ●  Knowledge Management and Information Visualization Tools


●  TeamThink SystemsTM Division


        ●  Team Thinking and Learning Center Design and Tools


  County and City Economic Development Planning Resources Division






The company's founder and principal, Robert D. Cecil, is the primary author of the book, Next-Generation Management Development: The Complete Guide and Resource. That book contains The Managerial Target® model and the Unified Practice of ManagementTM model, the latter of which illustrates a unified field theory of many aspects of management. The book also describes many of the concepts, methods, and tools listed on the Management Toolbox page. These include what we now call zero-base systems analysis (ZBSA) methods and tools, which develop both qualitative information bases (of tacit information) and diagrammatic knowledge bases (DKBs) that involve information visualization architecture. The book is published by the Pfeiffer imprint of John Wiley & Sons (2007).

All of the management and leadership education/training materials and management tools are now available on the company's
Strategic Management & Leadership System
, described on a separate page of this website.

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