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System for Developing, Improving, and Using

Synergistic Life Skills (manual)


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Chapter 1:  Personal Development and the Future


Chapter 2:  The Individual: A System of Characteristics


Chapter 3:  Personal Motivation (Goal Setting & Planning)


Chapter 4:  Thinking


Chapter 5:  Learning


Chapter 6:  Interpersonal Relations  -- plus:
                   The Socialization (of Children) Process and
                                     Interpersonal Styles and The Interpersonal Target


Chapter 7:  Communication


Chapter 8:  Behavior Modification


Chapter 9:  Time Management


Chapter 10:  Summary and Systematization


Appendix A:  Major Theories of Motivation and Behavior


Appendix B:  Brain Structures, Functions, and Processes


Appendix C:  The Process of Mental Development - How Your Brain Becomes Your Mind




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