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Next-Generation (Approach to)
Management, Leadership, and Organization Development

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 Table of Contents

  Chapter 1:  Preview of the Book's Next-Generation MD/OD Project 

Part One Management (Integrative) Functions and Processes
 Chapter 2:  Initial Perspectives on Management Functions and Processes
Chapter 3:  The Analysis Phase
Chapter 4:  Planning Phase Functions (Goal Setting, Planning, and Budgeting)
Chapter 5:  Decision Making
Chapter 6:  Implementation Functions of Management (Organizing, Staffing, Guiding Activities,
Controlling, and Evaluating Performance)

  Chapter 7:  Managing Time

Part Two Individual, Organizational, and Managerial Behavior and Development
 Chapter 8:  Managerial and Leadership Styles
Chapter 9:  Major Nonpersonal Influences on Managerial Behavior
Chapter 10:  Personal Influences on Managerial Behavior (Contains The Managerial Target®)
Chapter 11:  Unifying "One Best Style" and Contingency or Situational Theories
Chapter 12:  Summary of Socio-Technical Influences and the Implications
                           for a Synergistic MD/OD Project

Part Three Individual Problem Solving and Decision Making
Chapter 13:  Improving Individual Problem Solving and Decision Making

Part Four Interpersonal Relations and Skills
Chapter 14:  Perspectives on Interpersonal Relations
  Chapter 15:  Effective Communication

Part Five Team Think-Work in Organizations
Chapter 16:  Guiding and Participating in Team Think-Work Processes

Part Six Learning and Other Managerial and Personal Skills
Chapter 17:  Better Individual and Organizational Learning

Part Seven Summary and Synthesis of Concepts, Processes, Models, and Practices
Chapter 18:  The Unified Practice of ManagementTM Model and Its Implications
                            for Developing More Effective Organizations

Appendix:  Basic Descriptions of Major Management Gurus' Concepts



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