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 Managers and Leaders - Management

A.  Strategic Management & Leadership SystemTM  *
         "The next best thing to an MBA..... and even more."

1.  Descriptive Information

Table of Contents (PDF) ]    [ Description ]

(30 booklets on General Management concepts, methods, practices, and tools;
                  Includes more than 260 professional D-I-Y management tools. See note below.
                  Primarily for
management trainers, seminar leaders, and professionals.)


           2.  Files for previewing System breadth, depth, and innovativeness
     [ Click here to download a zipped folder containing important System Models, etc. ]


           3.  To view and download document and spreadsheet files one by one

                    A.  Booklets:    [ List Selection Page of PDF versions ]

  Tools:          [ Descriptions ]   --   [ List Selection Page by Functions of Management ]

                                                                                  [ List Selection Page by Departments/Units ] 


          4.  To download zipped folders containing the Free version of SM&LS™
                   [ Click here to access the downloads selection page. ]


B.  Next-Generation Management, Leadership,
     and Organization Development

   (Once-published book is a condensation of the 30 booklets in the above SM&L System.
             Primarily for use by
management students, trainees, and seminar participants.)
              [ Book Description ]    [ Chapter
Selection Page of PDF files ]


PDF Comparison of (1) System/Series and (2) condensed Book (N-GML&OD)

* Important Notes:

This site does not contain all the Strategic Management & Leadership System™ files.

It is missing
spreadsheet versions of management booklets, which (a) enable
navigating to various topic/sub-topic levels, and (b) contain all figures,
tables, and exhibits (in colo
r) attached in tabs.

It is missing
all but one of the important "diagrammatic contextual search/select user interfaces"
for accessing numerous files relating to particular management activities--such as
(a) facilitating computer-assisted strategic/long-range and annual planning
processes, (b) conducting entire management training and OD projects,
and (c) accessing a full range of management/leadership books
and tools via several different user-accommodating UIs.

It also does not contain
Folders 8, 9, and 10 in the Full Version.


At present, we will only make available the Full SM&L System™ to an individual or group who
purchases all ownership rights to the system's suite of document and spreadsheet files.
Although 40 full-time years of development required one individual's personal investment
of upwards of $8-10 millions dollars (in time and expenses),
we are willing to sell the rights for far, far less.

 If interested, either (a) email us, or (b) call and leave a message
with your name, organization's name, telephone number, and email address.
We'll get right back to you.


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