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Tools are listed first by Function and then by
color-coded Units/Departments or whole Organization



Think-Work Functions


Strategic & Annual Planning Process

(All Units/Departments)


Strategic & Annual Planning Process/Common Planning Mistakes.xls

Organizational Methodological Planning Steps.xls

Organizational Planning Process Steps.xls

Strategic (Long-Range) Planning Process Steps Model.xls

Knowledge Management Diagram.xls

Managerial & Leadership Process & Tools.xls

Strategic Planning Questions.xls

Strategic Planning Phases and Steps.xls

Strategic Planning Model





Gen'l_Economic-Business Indicators.xls

Gen'l_Sources of Info.xls

Gen'l_Common Analytic Mistakes lrg.xls

Gen'l_Dysfunctional Social Norms List

Gen'l_Forest of Variables (Strat. Pln'g).xls

Gen'l_Forecasting Methods & Techniques.xls

Gen'l_Org'l Environment Factors Checklist.xls

Gen'l_Org'l Strengths & Weaknesses Analysis.xls

Gen'l_TeamThink Wall.xls

Gen'l_Unit Analysis Template.xls


Mrktg_Checklist of Marketing Factors


Ops-Prodn_Production-Ops Factors Checklist.xls


Info Systems_Knowledge Management Diagram


HR_Boss-Unit Analysis Template.xls

HR_Organizational (Units) Analysis Template.xls

HR_Organizational Behavior Factors Checklist.xls


Fin_Financial Analysis Techniques & Tools.xls

Fin_Financial Factors Checklist.xls



Planning Phase (General)


Gen'l_Common Planning Mistakes.xls

Gen'l_Goals & Plans - Definitions & Examples.xls



Goal Setting


Gen'l_Goals & Plans Statements - version 2

Gen'l_Goals & Plans Statements Fill-In Template v. 2

Gen'l_Proper Goal Statements.xls

Gen'l_Goal Setting/Types & Names of Goals.xls





Gen'l_Planning/Action Planning Template (hybrid).xls

Gen'l_Planning/Activities Planner-Prioritizer.xls

Gen'l_Gantt Chart with Milestones.xls

Gen'l_P.E.R.T. Network - example.xls

Gen'l_Gaming Scenarios - pricing example.xls





Gen'l_Basic Types of Budgets in Budgeting Process.xls

Gen'l_Responsibility Centers' Budgets.xls

Gen'l_Capital Program-Project Budget.xls


Mrkt'g_Marketing Dept. Sales Budget - example.xls

Mrkt'g_Sales & Materials Budgets.xls

Mrkt'g_Sales & Cash Collections Budgets.xls

Mrkt'g_Marketing Dept Operat'g Budget.xls


Ops-Prod'n_Production Budgets.xls

Ops-Prod'n_Production and Materials Budgets - examples.xls

Ops-Prod'n_Factory Overhead Budget.xls

Ops-Prod'n_COGS Budget.xls


Org'l_Company Operating Budget.xls

Org'l_Company Cash Budget.xls

Org'l_Company Balance Sheet.xls



Policies, Procedures and Rules


Org'l_Policies, Procedures, Rules Manual.xls



Decision Making


Gen'l_Common Decision-Making Mistakes lrg.xls

Gen'l_Decision-Making Quant & Qual Criteria.xls

Gen'l_Tabl of Advantages & Disadvantages - example.xls

Gen'l_Comparison Matrix Template.xls

Gen'l_Payoff Matrix & Relat'd Decision Tree.xls

Gen'l_Decision Tree Sample.xls


Fin_Financial Analysis Techniques & Tools.xls


Org'l_Comparison Matrix for Strategic Plans Alternatives.xls

Org'l_Chart of Alternative Plans - NPVs.xls




Implementation Functions




Gen'l_Span of Control - Task & Interpers Relationships.xls

Org'l_Organizational Structure Alternatives.xls



Staffing and Development


Gen'l_Staffing: Job Description Template.xls

Gen'l_Development: Synergistic Devel. Inputs for a Unit.xls

Org & HR_Development:_Initial Description of Next-Gen MD-OD Program - booklet.xls

Org & HR_ Development: Integrated MD-OD Project Design - diagram.xls

Org & HR_Development: Comparison of OC, OD, and MD-OD Projects.xls

Org & HR_Development: Education vs (and) Training.xls



Guiding Activities


Gen'l_Action Planning Template (hybrid).xls

Gen'l_Activities Planner-Prioritizer.xls



Controlling -- including Performance Evaluation


Gen'l & Fin_Financial Analysis Techniques & Tools.xls

Gen'l & Fin_Financial Control Tools.xls


Gen'l_Individual Performance Appraisal (Analysis) Template.xls

Gen'l & Org'l_Organization & Unit Performance Parameters.xls



Time Management


Gen'l_Time Management booklet.xls

Gen'l_Activities Planner-Prioritizer.xls




The above are many of the 260+ entire series' spreadsheet tools for effective management.

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